Surf School: The Craft Behind Surfing

Skewjack Stories is pleased to be taking part in a new exhibition at Newlyn Art Gallery and Exchange this Summer. 'Surf School: The Craft Behind Surfing' looks at surf culture through the work of local designers, photographers, writers and filmmakers who put the ocean at the heart of all they do. 

They are the latest in a line of surfers and creatives who continue to develop surf culture as a respected art and craft form. Part of the exhibition will look at the roots of that culture and in particular at our rich local surf heritage, which still influences and runs deep in the veins of West Cornwall today. 

Skewjack Stories will exhibit film footage, audio and original artwork and photos from the early days of surfing in Britain. Opening up in 1971, just as surf culture was taking a hold in Cornwall, Skewjack was a first in many respects. The first (and only) surf village in the UK, the first to run surf lessons, the first to dip its toe into surf therapy ... and it was home to new and exciting art, fashion, design and craft. 

The exhibition will give a taste of those early days and the culture our modern day creatives are continuing to build. It will feature films I Knew Jack O’Neill by Hamblin Imagery and A Road Through Galicia by Luke Pilbeam, the photography of Dave Muir, Nick Pumphrey, James Parry, Luke Pilbeam, and Jack Johns. There will also be hands on workshops where visitors can have a go at making their own eco surf wax or making a wooden hand plane with Otter Surfboards, who will be in residence. 

Click here for full details and to get free tickets to the launch party on Friday 24th May


Surf School: Craft of Surfing Exhibition