Sunshine & Surf

The past couple of weeks I have had some time off from the day job ... so it's been great to get on top of where everything is at with Skewjack Stories. Chasing new leads, arranging interviews and going through all the memorabilia and photos which have been kindly given to me for use so far.

It's coincided with some beautiful weather down here in Cornwall and - for a few days at least– some good surf. So it would have been rude not to use some of that time to get in the water too!

It was great to catch up with PT and swap notes on his thesis about Skewjack, something that will feature later on and he touches on in his first story 'Double Life'. There are some amazing photos on the way from former lifeguard Mark Eley, which won't disappoint. And I had a lovely chat with Michelle MacIntosh, who met her husband Duncan at Skewjack during the first full season.

That conversation reminded me of this lovely film ... animated by Duncan's brother, Robbie. Take three minutes to watch his cartoon gem. Robbie certainly proves to have Skewjack in his blood too!



Skewjack, by Robbie MacIntosh