Girls, Girls, Girls

Two girls for every boy. That was the aim and ask any Skewjack receptionist ... it was a mission to get the balance of guests in any given week right! Too many men or too many women and the atmosphere switched. So, while surfing was the draw ... the prevailing ethos at Skewjack was "Boy Meets Girl". And that they did.

"Screwjack", as some called it, gained a reputation for free and easy loving and the stories don't disappoint. It was a very male arena. As time has gone on memories could well have been embellished, some have definitely gained legendary status! But when I listen back I think – would I have been happy for my teenage daughter to go here?!

Then I speak to the women. Far from feeling exploited – they felt empowered. It may have been the era of wet T-shirt competitions, topless surfing and inequality in pretty much every area of life. But it was also a time of emerging female power. New freedoms, new attitudes and new opportunities.

There was a very long way to go, but the women at Skewjack seem to have felt just as much a part of things as the men. There are heart-warming stories of determination in the line-up, speaking out against behaviour in the bar and how their connections with the village and surf culture shaped future careers and worldwide travel.

It is a fine line and one I'm really interested in pursuing further, the negative and the positive. The more stories the better, so if you were a Skewjack woman and have one to share ... please do get in touch.

The Girls. Royal Wedding Day. 1981.